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Aluminium is one of the most versatile materials within the metal industry. It offers a number of benefits and is highly sought after in a number of sectors including industrial environments and structural applications.

One Stop Metal Shop have a wide range of Aluminium available including round bar, flat bar, box section, angle and more, allowing us to fulfill your requirements with confidence. That is why we are a leading aluminium supplier in Halesowen.

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Why Buy Aluminium?

Aluminium is a versatile material that is flexible and lightweight. It also has levels of corrosion resistance, depending on the strength of the alloy. As it is a chemical element it has a lower density than other metals and has a great affinity to oxygen. When exposed to air, the metal forms a protective layer of oxide on the surface.

At One Stop Metal Shop, we supply aluminium in a range of options, but we offer two grades across these ranges:

  • 6082 – this is a medium strength with good corrosion resistance. It is the highest strength of the 6000 series and is highly sought after for structural type applications.
  • 5083 – this is the highest strength non-heat treatable alloy which means it can withstand extreme conditions exceptionally well and has high resistance to seawater and industrial chemicals.

Free Bespoke Cutting Service

One of the services we offer at One Stop Metal Shop is our FREE bespoke cutting service.

We understand that each individual customer has unique metal needs. That is why we offer this free service across all of our materials including our aluminium range, including:

Each product is available from our online shop in a variety of weights, sizes, and lengths. For your bespoke cutting, please let us know upon purchase.

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Find Your Aluminium Supplier in Halesowen...

If you are in need of Aluminium, One Stop Metal Shop can help you. As a leading aluminium supplier in Halesowen, we are able to supply a variety of aluminium products within the local and surrounding areas.

For our Aluminium range, why not browse our online shop and make your purchase today?

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